Zelidath Malliri

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Zelidath Malliri: Infernal Tiefling Sorceress

Her blood was activated during a great cataclysm. An explosion far, far to the north coincided with an eruption of flame from her that destroyed her entire home. (Granted, it was a hovel) Her family survived.

During the years after that she "removed" all occupying forces in her nation.

She slaughtered thousands.

While never "officially" taking any political control she regularly "appointed" officials in charge of various social programs. When asked where funding for these programs would come from, she regularly vanished for months at a time, returning with a dragon's hoard, or a lost priceless artifact.

No one was ever sure where she gained the knowledge of the things she returned with, but no one really wanted to ask too many questions.

Her go-to move was immolating people from inside-out, or, literally, boiling their blood.

She did great things for her people for 50 years.

While she seemed like she only supported tieflings, and was often called racist, she was reported to be good friends with a large number of non-tieflings. Historians debate, but it seems like she wasn't doing the right thing for the right reasons, she only really seemed to fight back against injustice when it was directed directly at her.

Being a tiefling in that time period in that place meant that it happened so often it looked like she was a revolutionary fighting the good fight.

Close friends report that she often seemed annoyed to have to continue these activities. One day she vanished, and never returned.

It was 10 years before anyone dared touch her stuff to investigate her death.

She disappeared at the age of 70, and was declared dead at 80.