The Seraphic Rebels

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The Seraphic Rebels *(est. [52 years ago])*

Founded by Benjamin Vun, a human monk of the goddess Tymora, he stood alone as a self-described "vanguard for heaven."

Was widely regarded as a lunatic, but was properly registered with the local authority as a one-man guild, and never once behaved untoward. His position as "unofficial city watch" earned him the respect of the local community.

Slowly, he was not seen as a crackpot, and his claim of "vanguard for heaven" slowly changed to understand he was defending people from themselves, saving them *for* heaven. Any evil acts he prevented saved a soul from corruption, no matter how small an amount, was worth the event for this preeminently humble man.

The flowers of Torm took notice of this self-sacrifice, and attempted to liaise with him and establish a presence in his "guild." It took 5 years before they sent someone to make contact that he allowed to join.

Then the aasimar twins, followers and devotees of Lathander.

With the addition of the twins, the guild closed their doors to all new applications for membership.

Mr. Vun would be heard saying when asked 'why?', his response was only ever, "Got everything I need for this team. I know when to press my luck."

The Seraphic Rebels went on to create a name for themselves due to their secluded, aloof operating procedures as "cold and calculating." They keep to themselves, and always seem busy, but rumors swirl around them, and the consensus is:

Things would be a lot worse if they weren't here.