The Fallen

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The Fallen - LG

Composed of ex-communicated or penance-seeking Clerics and Paladins.

Lead by a holier-than-thou-type. A human Cleric who wants to give people second chances, but plays the part of the martyr a bit too much.

They do a lot of charity work when they aren’t working a contract. Their guild hall is comprised of enough space for the members to sleep on the floor, a soup kitchen, a wing for free health checkups, classrooms, a beautiful zen-type garden in the back and almost no amenities

A lot of monastic stuff. Depriving themselves, hours of meditation, martial arts training.

Religion and History classes (open to the public: 4 months of weekly classes gives the ability to now make those rolls untrained, but do not gain proficiency.

Another 4 months of lessons gives you half proficiency, another 4 gives you proficiency.

Not a particularly powerful guild because those who atone for whatever mistakes they made usually leave, but they always leave grateful and definitely willing to do a favor in the future.

Guild basically operates on favors. Though, they are willing to accept cash from those who have it.

Relationship with gov’t is almost non-existent. Almost no gov’t jobs are considered a “worthy” cause. Though, plenty of times an abusive husband has been worthy of their presence.

People are wary of The Fallen, afterall, they are men and women who have made grave mistakes in their god’s eyes. As the locals say, “You don’t lose a god’s favor without doing something bad.”

People are also aware that people wouldn’t join The Fallen if they didn’t actually feel remorse for what they’ve done.

Have defended The Exiled (Krosk's guild) from day 1 when they attempted to become an official guild and played a huge part in swaying public opinion.

They have great respect for and are greatly respected by The Exiled for both that, and for their similar charity works.