The Exiled

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The Exiled

Unofficially founded 120 years ago by an exiled dwarf, Strogred the nameless. He never applied for official guild status among the authorities, though he still wrote, and abided by, guild bylaws. As a founding member, he also reviewed and accepted membership interviews, though he rarely accepted new members into the ranks, having found most exiled dwarves to have deserved their punishment. If he saw no intent for them to assess the nature or reason for their punishment.

Until the first lizardfolk applied, before attempting to tell the lizardfolk to leave, he reviewed membership guidelines and found he included no statute pertaining to race. The interview continued further and Strogred became enraged when this lizardfolk claimed pride in his exile. The unemotional lizard then described the circumstances of his exile, how he defended a clutch of eggs from a warlord in his tribe.

This lizard-man had protected unborn children, and was punished for it. His membership was accepted, and the lizardfolk named Strikk was the first non-dwarf admitted into the guild.

Word spread, and suddenly, Strogred and the other dwarves found themselves defending Strikk, and all the following lizardfolk, goblins, hobgoblins, orcs, ratfolk, and kobolds that found themselves opposed to their races' ways of handling things and saw the formation of this new guild as a pathway for them to join a society that agreed with their sensibilities.

Strogred submitted the application for official guild status the first time someone suggested those other races shouldn't be allowed to join a "real guild."

The guild was denied official status for two decades.

A social campaign, spear-headed by the guild The Fallen, swayed public opinion in the favor of The Exiled, and membership was granted.

Forty years later, Strogred died of old age at an unknown age. Per his will, Strogred decided to forego a traditional dwarven burial, and his corpse was, instead, consumed by his guildmates.