The Conglomeration

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The Conglomeration - CN

A collection of gnomish (and a couple human and dwarven) tinkerers.

Gnomish creativity + Dwarven Engineering + Human troubleshooting/managing = your one stop shop for all engineering/dungeoneering needs.

Gnomes can make it do anything, the dwarves make it fit perfectly, and the human bridges the gaps between the groups of specialists.

Aren’t particularly interested in magic, however, there are times when a magic item can very easily and cheaply replace a complicated physical structure. They are nothing if not pragmatic.

Regularly consult, and have a strong, healthy working relationship, with The Crystal Control.

Have a less than favorable relationship with the gov’t. Though the gov’t does use them as a construction crew when something special needs built. However, they are reluctant to do so for mundane jobs due to the gnomes in the past tending to go off-script with the buildings.

Additions made without asking permission for the extra cost, but still showing up on the invoices. The gnomes always felt they justified the cost, gov’t officials felt even if it was justified they needed to be informed of the increased cost and time to completion. The gnomes didn’t understand. Who wouldn’t want an anti-dragon ballista mounted on a new tower on the city walls? The discussion did not end well.

The ballista was decommissioned and removed to the military’s storeroom collecting dust.

At this point the gnomes started recruiting non-gnomes to help with relationships. Then discovered the benefits of the dwarven forging skills and the human’s record keeping/diplomacy.

Particularly interesting jobs very often come with a discount as the gnomes are eager to sink their teeth into something they’ve never thought of before.

They offer options for pricing. Pick two: Cheap, Quick, or Quality.

Open-minded about race. Not so much about creed. Tend to look down on the less mechanically minded. Hence the human liaison.