Pharom Vawenys

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Pharom "O'Su" Vawenys - elf, scientist, diplomat, researcher

In ancient A'fdell (around a millennia ago), a team of researchers, mages, farmers, and alchemists started a project to give the young elven nation some semblance of control over the wilds around them.

The team, with Pharom Vawenys at the helm, sought to maintain the surrounding forest's biodiversity, shore up its sustainability for farming, making sure that the forest and soil's relationship was reinforcing, cyclical, and as beneficial as possible for the creatures that made the forest their home...while simultaneously doing their best to make the forest *less* habitable for the more dangerous creatures that lived in the wilds.

It was an *enormous* undertaking, with more than a few detractors. It took Pharom almost 100 years to secure permission from the A'fdell council, and another 100 years to secure the team. He put his plan underway. He and the druids moved some trees of certain species into certain places. They concentrated other species under his direction. Grew certain species in certain places. Going so far as to clone the most ancient trees in the forest.

Pharom called this project "O'Su." Elven for Father. He helped the myriad of trees grow together. From the forest's multitude, he created one. One unit, supporting itself from all directions.

On his 400th birthday, he announced his success. Pharom collected himself, and set about on adding "explorer" to his list of achievements.

Reports after that are sporadic. Rumors of his meeting with a subterranean dwarven race, and attempting to broker a truce among a brewing civil war. He helped some others escape the brewing threat of being collateral damage. He went back to prevent the worst from happening, and was never heard from again.