Magical Biology: Humanity's Genetic Resilience

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  • An excerpt from the text __Magical Biology: Humanity's Genetic Resilience (A study of the elemental bio-diversity born of magical contamination on the human genome)__:*

"...the purest form of elemental life is, of course, the easiest to study, but their effects on life are multitudinous.

In its simplest forms the "elemental-meat" spectrum looks as such:

Earth Elemental -> Dao -> Oread -> Earth Genasi -> Human

Fire Elemental -> Efreeti -> Ifrit -> Fire Genasi -> Human

Water Elemental -> Marids -> Undine -> Water Genasi -> Human

Air Elemental -> Djinni -> Slyphs -> Air Genasi -> Human

It turns out, well, not to put too fine a point on it, but humans will have sex with almost anything. *Even when it's very clearly a dangerous idea."*