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Lapidaria is a small gnomish nation-state to the east of Sardovia, just south of Dunkledur.

Almost entirely gnomish, and specifically, rock gnomes, the city's infrastructure reflects this fact in totality.

The Lapidarian infrastructure within city limits is easily the most sophisticated on the entire continent. This was made possible by the smaller size of the settlement, due to the smaller size of its inhabitants, and their tireless efforst to constantly improve on their creations.

Military history in Lapidaria is sparse, due to the gnomish tendency to not bother anyone if they don't need to, but reports of the few times there were skirmishes between Sardovian humans and Lapidarian gnomes has led to a policy in Sardovia to leave the gnomes to their own devices.

Otherwise, they are on very good terms with the dwarves of Dunkledur. While there is no official government policy in regards to this relationship, there are plenty of reports of dwarven engineers and blacksmiths being contracted by gnomish families regularly.