Henry Kreuger

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Henry Kreuger, wizard, spiritualist specialist, necromancer killer:

   In ancient Orbicentrum (> 1,000 years ago), a  young boy named Henry took up an interest in the arcane. In his early years, he focused explicitly on attempts to communicate, manage, and contain spirits.  His tenacity in his work led him to become one of the foremost experts in spiritual containment. A magical “ghost-buster” if you will. While he started making a name for himself in this regard, and was, reportedly, *very* competent in his work, the fees he collected were always funneled back into his research.
   In his late 30’s, Kreuger, the adept, created the first soul gem, and succeeded in removing a ghost from a home without the need for a lengthy cleansing process. Just collect the soul, remove the gem, and the job is done. The wizard Kreuger became the foremost human expert in dealing with the incorporeal.
   His exorcism work, having never been a true passion, waned as his invention gave other wizards the tools to remove spirits more easily, and safely. He often collected the removed spirits to further his own research. *(Editor’s note: centuries ago, there were far more spirits wandering the wilderness surrounding Orbicentrum. However, proper divine cleansing was expensive and slow. His invention was a revolution amongst divination wizards.)*
   In his mid 40’s, while still taking the occasional exorcism job, something happened to Kreuger. His temperament changed. His goals in his work changed. He changed. He began *hunting* necromancers. Each hive of necromancers he discovered was slaughtered in increasinging brutal fashions.
   Reports of his actions at this point in his life become sparse, having removed himself from public life for the most part.  Some reports claim his acceptance of an apprentice. Some reports claim he maintained occasional contact with some of his wizard peers, but *all* reports share one thing in common: He secluded himself in some unknown location to continue his research unimpeded. There are some stories of his reappearing somewhere in civilization. The last historical record of his appearance claimed he looked to be in his late 80’s and was hunched over, having trouble shuffling along with his staff as a walking stick, and missing an arm, but the date of said record would have only put him in his late 60’s.

He was never seen or heard from again.