Death Wish

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Death Wish - CG

Mostly made up of past their prime human fighters, but their message and goal spread and they now have a few dozen members. One of the few guilds whose members aren’t necessarily adventurers. Plenty of NPC soldiers and old people who don’t want their last few years of life to be pointless.

Original founders were a group of retired human soldiers and spec-ops types who got together to drink and talk about the good old days and those that died beside them in battle. Finding their golden years not everything they’d hoped for eventually they got to talking about picking their weapons up to just fight to the death. After joking about it for months, they realized they were all serious about it. Their kids were grown, their spouses were dead. They weren’t as strong or spry, but they were wise with their advanced years.

No original founders are still alive, but their dream lives on. People giving their lives when the cause is righteous.

The walls are adorned with plaques and memorials in the honor of fallen comrades. The memorials are as eclectic as their members. Each member’s memorial catered to their wishes. Half-Orcs (and a few Orcs) have memorials made of the bones of their vanquished foes or simply their (sometimes broken) weapons or armor, Dwarves have runes inscribed on rocks adorning shelves all over the walls, Elves with beautiful statuettes, Humans with small inscribed plaques detailing how they died and what they died for, and how many they took with them. And everything in between. Only take jobs for a good cause. When the cause needs something done that would probably kill some of them.

Usually leave in groups of 6-8, often times with only 1 or 2 members returning.

They have parties most evenings.

Open and accepting of all races and creeds.