Chorkraks Miendreisiad

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Chorkraks Miendreisiad Drow Sorcerer

No one knows the first time he showed up.

The legend of the drow spans back almost 2,000 years. Some ancient texts mention a drow of some sort who consorted with devils, which was strange enough in its own right, considering the attachment to the demon lords that the drow carry with them.

He is depicted in some ancient tapestries meant to depict his path in life, but only in the edges and the fringe.

When people looked into his past, interviewing 700+ year old elves, the most anyone could ever pinpoint was stories that those elves say their *great* grandparents mentioned in passing once, but like most drow, he lived a life in the shadows.

Some say he’d appear randomly, some claimed to have met him personally, but all reports, and tapestries, depicted him with a smile on his face. Happy to be doing...whatever it was that he happened to be doing at the time.

He was also utterly insane.

When was he born? Who were his parents? Why was he so unlike the drow below the surface? What was the source of his tainted, aberrant bloodline? Did he have children? Did he have protege? Did he have a purpose? Or was he simply a lunatic being a lunatic?

Historians have been asking that question about him, on and off for centuries. No one had a firm answer.

Then, one day, he and a small halfling started a fight. The cause of the altercation: unknown. The identity of the halfling: Unknown.

The fight spanned the entirety of the Shaelor continent, until the guilds were called together at Crownspointe. In the high council chambers, the guilds of Shaelor argued with the elves of the high council of how to best handle this cataclysmic battle.

A trap was set. A teleportation lure was placed in the chamber, and the wizards of the guilds and the high council formed an orb of invulnerability around him and the halfling. Then they formed another orb around *that*.

The halfling cackled wildly as the drow panicked while trapped. Chorkraks clasps his hands over his ears as the halfling stared into his eyes without moving.

Chorkraks head erupted into an explosion of shards of bone and splattered brains.

The halfling laughed uncontrollably.

The council watched in horror as Chorkrak’s head started to regrow from his neck up.

A kobold wizard in one of the guilds produced a small tin can as Chorkraks head grew back. When it did, Chorkraks smashed the halfing’s head into mush against the inner wall of the orb they were trapped in and the orbs were dropped.

The halfling’s soul was trapped in the can. Without another word, Chorkraks took the can and vanished.

This was the last time he was reported being seen in public.

He has not been seen or heard from since.