Calvin Fowler

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Calvin Fowler - wizard, demonologist, cult leader, pain worshiper, all-around madman:

   Calvin the Corrupted. Fowler the Crazed. Calvin the Relentless. Diabolic Calvin. Depraved Calvin. Demonic Fowler. Fowler the Foul. Calvin Fowler: The Affliction of Orbicentrum.

Ruination followed him throughout his life. Born to unknown parents. Fowler being a fake family name that was given to him when he was abandoned in the orphanage, Calvin lived an unremarkable life for the first ten years before he was purchased from the orphanage by an unknown person. No single historical document has been found about what happened to him between the ages of 10 and 20. In his early twenties, he befriended some wizard apprentices in Orbicentrum. His magical capabilities surpassed his peers quickly. A conjuration savant, Calvin made a name for himself amongst the apprentices of the age by summoning creatures that should have been beyond his ability to control, and yet, still managing to control them.

Around the age of 28, far from being an established wizard, Calvin began to take “apprentices.” He would take them away, far into the mountains west of Orbicentrum. Most of them were never heard from again. Those that were…were changed. And his cult of mindless followers grew. Entire families went missing, and were found to have collected their things and walked off into the mountains.

Concern among decent folk started to grow, and guards were dispatched to investigate. Their corpses came back to Orbicentrum. Once the zombified guards stepped back into city limits, the reanimating magic ended, and their bodies collapsed in the streets. The corpses were obviously tortured before their deaths. The death were slow, *painful* events. Their backs were splayed open from repeated strikes from barbed nine-tails. Infections were encouraged by smearing grime and filth into their open wounds. None of the bodies showed a “killing strike.” They were left to die, then reanimated, and sent home.

Bertram Willoughby, paladin of Zin (an ancient aspect of Tyr), took up the mantle to rid Orbicentrum of this affliction. Bertram rallied the forces, and some of the peasants, of Orbicentrum to lead a charge, en masse, at Fowler’s growing base of operations. Orbicentrum sent aid along as well.

   With an entire army at his back, Bertram assaulted the cult’s location in the mountains. Catapults rained heavy boulders down onto the structure. War machines launched ballista at the mind-controlled members of the cult as they charged towards the righteous army.
   Bertram led the charge, slashing wildly through the thralls of Fowler. The army of Orbicentrum faced heavy losses when the demons were set loose on them. Clouds of imps tore through the peasant infantry. Large, gorilla-like demons grabbed armored knights and used them as clubs against their human brethren. Enormous bug-like beasts picked people up, flew into the sky, and dropped them. 
   Bertram charged through, finding the lunatic, Calvin Fowler, slaughtering dozens of his own followers on a summoning circle of some sort. Bertram charged, just as the portal opened. 
   The final report of Bertram Willoughby, was his swift beheading of Calvin, followed by charging up the steps, kicking the base of the portal as the pit fiend that had been summoned began to step through.  Betram disappeared into the portal, and with it, the arm and leg of the pit fiend. Then the portal closed.
   Calvin Fowler’s body was dismembered and atomized by Orbicentrum wizards.